Controlling Health Care Costs in Retirement

If you’re a Boomer, as I am, you should know by now that nothing our federal government promises can be counted on. They sent us into wars like Vietnam for reasons that never made any sense–and still don’t. They gave our veterans disgraceful treatment in the Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. They have run our Social Security Trust Fund like it was their personal slush fund — any private business that spent, rather than invested, such a fund would be called a Ponzi Scheme and prosecuted.In this economic “recession,” it’s a big question mark whether Social Security and Medicare will even pay us back the money we’ve paid in.My point is that depending on the folks in Washington to control and actually reduce the health care costs for the average American is totally absurd. I don’t have to read the bill that’s being debated in Congress now to be able to tell you with full confidence: “It ain’t gonna happen!”So, what are you going to do to limit your own need for expensive and possibly rationed health care services in the years of your retirement? Pray? Hope for the best? Move to some foreign country that offers reasonably-priced medical care?You probably have heard that health care expenses are rising faster than any other cost you will face in retirement — and since the value of your stock portfolio and your home and your business are going down — how are you going to make ends meet?Here are some tips to help you cut your health care expenses, if you can’t or won’t move to another country:* Get serious about improving your health: Quit smoking, lose weight, manage stress, end toxic relationships* Start a regular exercise program, such as taking a brisk walk for 30-45 minutes each day* Look into converting to a vegetarian or vegan diet: Vegetarians live longer with less chronic disease* Learn to use high-quality nutritional supplements to take the place of expensive drugs, under the care of a doctor familiar with nutritional medicine* Find something to do that makes you happyIt’s not too late to make improvements in your health, if you’re still breathing. The very act of making an effort will make you feel better. Small improvements made daily can snowball into something significant over the many more years you have to live.You can’t control health care costs. You can, however, influence your personal health from here on out. Don’t count on someone out there in Washington, DC, to miraculously make it all more affordable again. You will likely be disappointed.Get busy on your own Health Care Plan B. Start today!

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